Traci Shields, with 28 years of design experience, takes a holistic approach to each project, overseeing all the details so that every element, inside and out, is consistent with the overall design theme. Traci’s attention to detail and demand for excellence makes her one of the most sought after interior designers in the industry.

Creative Interior Design Scottsdale

Creative Interior Design Scottsdale

Lit from both above and below, the urinal, as well as the glass chunks in the trough below, emit a continuous soft glow. We etched the glass appropriately for privacy and installed a graphic eye sensor to trigger water flow with an automatic shutoff when use is completed. Water flows from a cutout in the ceiling, down the face of the glass, and into the flushable trough at the bottom.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips: Color Choice

Next time you need to select that new paint color, paint the new color (2 coats) on a large white board. This will allow you to walk that new color around your entire room and see it in different light during various times of day. You will also be able to look at the color next to your drapes, behind your furniture, next to your rug, flooring and artwork.

Mesa Estate Redesign

The vaulted gallery hall, supported by columns and soaring to a turret, is home to many of the display cabinets featuring the client’s collectibles and family treasures. The hall itself features clerestory windows that provide air circulation (electrically operated, either with a timer or manual override) as well as natural light which floods into the center of the home. The hall’s barrel-vault ceiling features hand-applied half-bricks.

Remodeling Contractors Scottsdale

Remodeling Contractors Scottsdale AZ

Hiring the right contractor is the key to the success of your home improvement project. By choosing a great home improvement contractor, and drawing up a solid contract, you can ensure the work is done well and to your specifications, avoid payment disputes, reduce problems during the job, and weed out scammers. Although selecting the right contractor can be time-consuming, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

Scottsdale Design Project

This home’s partial remodeling and turn-key furnishings, combined with its spectacular setting, exceeded the client’s expectations for this home away from home.

Located on a golf course in a spectacular desert setting, this house had good bones, but suffered from poor lighting, a dreary backyard, inefficient window treatments, sun bleached woods, and dated cabinetry. The entry was dark and uninviting, the architectural finishes were bland and repetitive, and the entertainment centers were outdated.

Home Remodeling Scottsdale AZ

Home Remodeling Scottsdale AZ

Before we even buy a home, we’re thinking about what home remodeling needs have to be done in order to fit our lifestyle and personality. The decision to purchase a home is typically based on a balance of emotional experiences of the pluses and minuses of space, and practicality—in other words, that it has most of what we’re looking for, and its location.