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We’re award-winning ASID interior designers and licensed contractors who can provide the creative and structural know-how. Don’t pass on an almost-perfect home when expert interior design advice can transform a property into the ideal home for you.


Helping You Decide Which House is Best For You

Shopping for the perfect home, in the perfect location, can be a time-consuming challenge. You don’t necessarily have to reject an older home in a location you desire just because it needs a major remodel. Exploring upgrades can pay big dividends in terms of getting the best value for your housing dollar. We’ll compare the estimated costs, and relative value, of a variety of improvements that can help you decide which will prove to be the best home for you.


What We Do

Friedman & Shields will evaluate potential properties with you and your agent or Marc, our in-house real estate associate, in assisting you in finding the perfect home. We’ll assess the architectural, functional and aesthetic potential of the homes you’re seriously considering. By working together we’ll explore your lifestyle and financial expectations allowing you to be confident in making a buying decision.


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New Home Consultation Marc

Marc Cannon

Licensed Real Estate Agent